My Posting Schedule Explained

I thought I’d be clear in my posting schedule since at the moment it seems for the most part kind of random. 

I will write beauty/fashion and all around commentary posts on Mondays. Hence Makeup Mondays and whatnot. 

On Wednesdays I will post updates (just like the one you’re reading right now.)

Lastly on Fridays I will post lifestyle posts which will focus mainly on soccer, my life, and photography. 

In the end I will post at least 2 posts weekly and if I have any blog updates I will post them on Wednesdays. 
Hope you guys will enjoy my new and improved posting schedule hopefully I’ll be able to keep with it. 


Fashion isn’t about taking polls. It is about finding the thing that represents YOU the mostly.


For instance I’d pick up a pair of Nike Frees any day over a pair of ballet flats. That’s just the way it is for ME. But that doesn’t mean that is the same for you. We are our all people, and to limit yourself to for example a pair of tennis shoes when you’d rather where a pair of Stilettos is exactly what Fashion is NOT about.


I believe that fashion “Trends” “Dos or Don’ts” are just another way to limit our creativeness and our fashion. So the next time you hear someone else’s opinion on something that goes against your own don’t take it to heart. Because in the end it is about you. What are YOU going to wear? What would YOU do?


Don’t get me wrong listening to friends & family is the opposite of wrong, but making decision based on their opinions instead of your own is. So this post isn’t entirely about fashion, but fashion is more of what you want then what I say you should want.

Just a Little Something

Welcome to Fashion Sense where we bring you fashion for less. From dance wear to party wear to evening wear. We show you what’s in and what’s out. So go ahead I know you want to bookmark this page and start looking.

Don’t worry not all of our posts will be Fashion for less we will treat you with a few expensive things and just stuff that we like here and there.

Anyway why are you reading this? When you could be looking for our next post?!

(P.S we would love to have your input on our posts? What you like and what you don’t and what you’d like to see in our next post please comment or shoot me an email (